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About Us

Poly-Pipets, Inc. has the answer to your dispensing requirements. Founded in 1985, when we were asked by a diagnostic company if we could supply them with disposable pipets, our journey began. Over the years we grew to be trusted specialists in supplying high-quality, unbreakable, safe, and easy-to-use single-use disposable pipets worldwide.

Our dedicated and experienced staff will partner with you to find the right pipet, or help custom design and/or package a pipet to meet your specific requirements.

Stop counting drops! Exact Volume Pipets are designed to deliver the required volume of patient specimen or reagent for diagnostic tests kits or clinical applications. Current drop volumes range from 20uL to 400uL. Custom drop sizes, colors, and special packaging are all available to meet your exact needs.

A line of Single-Use Disposable Dispensing and Spreading Pipets are also available with drop volumes from 20uL to 100uL. A printed version of these pipets can be used to dispense as low as 5uL and 10uL drop sizes.

Free samples are available for your evaluation.

Let Us Help You Design A Custom Pipet To Meet Your Exact Specifications

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